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Spicy Mala Peppercorn Pack (50 grams)
Spicy Mala Peppercorn Pack (50 grams)
Spicy Mala Peppercorn Pack (50 grams)

Spicy Mala Peppercorn Pack (50 grams)

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Unless you've had mala (麻辣) peppercorn, it's hard to imagine the unique buzz of the Sichuanese spice that leaves your tongue tingly and numb. After you get over the initial surprise, you'll understand why people get so hooked on their citrusy, fresh flavor.

Sichuan peppers, or huajiao (花椒), aren’t hot like chili peppers—they’re not the same plant either, for that matter. And while they’re a hallmark of Sichuan food, up until recently it’s been a challenge getting good ones in America. (We made a video explaining why that you should watch.)

With this 50 gram pack of dried peppercorn you can add a taste of Sichuan right in your home cooking. Amp up classics like a stewed fish (shui zhu yu 水煮鱼), or braised tofu (ma po dou fu 麻婆豆腐). 

It isn’t limited to Sichuan dishes, either. We've tried it with saucey Bolognese sauces, and put them in a pepper grinder and cracked their aromatic goodness over omelettes, too.

(Watch our attempt here. You can definitely do better than us.)

These peppers are handpicked, then dried, in China’s Qingxi town, in Sichuan. The village is famous for its gongjiao (贡椒) variety of the pepper that was so prized, it was previously offered in tribute to the emperor.

This pack of dried peppercorn comes to you from our partner Fly By Jing. (Watch Jenny Gao, its founder, show us how she makes her grandfather’s rabbit salad dish.)